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Non-emergency Locksmith Services offered by Redmond Locksmith

You've used us, Redmond Locksmith, in the past because your key broke off in your car door, or you accidentally locked yourself out of your own house. Most think that at Redmond Locksmith, all we do is drive from car to house picking locks and leaving customers with huge bills. This is incorrect, we do much more than that here at Redmond Locksmith. You don't have to have an emergency to call us, at Redmond Locksmith.

We offer many non-emergency services at Redmond Locksmith. One of them is replacing a lock that isn't completely broken. Depending on the state of the lock, which will be assessed by a professional at Redmond Locksmith, you will be given a quote on how much it will cost to repair and using the most up to date machines and expertise, we will repair it for you. If it is irreparable, at no extra charge except for parts, we will install the new lock.

Redmond Locksmith cuts keys, and does it as well, at a better price, faster time, and a much more professional job than competitors. If the key doesn't work when you get home to test it, Redmond Locksmith will reimburse you for the cost of the key and make you another one at no cost. This is the very basics of locksmithing: cutting keys. We at Redmond Locksmith know how to cut a key well, for you, so you won't have to come back, and you'll get the longest life out of it.

Car keys need replacement too, and there are a wider variety of them than there are house keys. If your car key, either for the ignition or the door, no longer works, bring it into Redmond Locksmith and we'll make you a new, working one. If you use keyless entry, and need a new remote, Redmond Locksmith will check if there is one in stock, if not Redmond Locksmith will order it in for you and have it programmed and ready when you come back to pick it up from us, at Redmond Locksmith.

If you give Redmond Locksmith a key from a building, we can create a Master key from it, for your business or home. This process takes a bit longer for Redmond Locksmith but it's worth it to have a custom made Master key from Redmond Locksmith. We will also instal filing cabinets and safes for you, in your home or office. Redmond Locksmith also opens safes for those that need to get into their safe.

Redmond Locksmith also installs and repairs all different types of alarm systems. Whether it's for a home, a small business, or a large business, Redmond Locksmith is ready to tackle the project for you and secure your home or business. Alarm systems supplied by Redmond Locksmith range from simple to advanced. We can also set it up to be activated at an off-site location, so all activity is logged for security purposes. Our Redmond Locksmith forensics team can do this.

At Redmond Locksmith we also offer the installation, repair and backup of security cameras. Redmond Locksmith will install the cameras at a nominal fee and upkeep them for a monthly fee. We will have a backup of the DVD's on our site in case they are needed. If repair is needed, and they are covered by the Redmond Locksmith warranty, there is no cost!

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